We are BackingTrackLive, the first real-time musical accompaniment generator, for all musicians simple to use customizable multiplatform

Our mission

To propose to all musicians, whatever their knowledge of music, a solution to accompany when they are alone to play.

Our vision

We do not intend to replace music bands, but rather to propose a new gaming experience for musicians.

Why us?

No solution currently on the market offers an accompaniment that adapts in real time. With BackingTrackLive, wherever and whenever, play as if you were with a band!

Meet our team

Fabien Vogelweith CEO co-founder Project Manager. Also in charge of the development of the analysis of the musician's game and the generation of musical accompaniment (C ++) Linkedin
Jordan Le Pera Co-founder In charge of developing desktop and mobile clients (React.JS / Electron) Linkedin
Jacques Lorentz Developer In charge of the development of the musical accompaniment generation (C ++), the API (node.JS) and the clients backend. Linkedin