Why this idea?

When a musician plays alone, he often feels like playing with a musical accompaniment. For this, the only choices available to him are either to play on existing support, which he will have to adapt or, to compose their own accompaniments, which requires a lot of time.

Thanks to BackingTrackLive, no need to ask this question, our application generates real-time support that follows your game and offers musicians a unique experience, a new way to play music and create thanks to artificial intelligence.

Simple and intelligent

No knowledge of music production is required to use the application. Plug in your instrument or microphone, and play. For producers, it is also possible to connect BackingTrackLive with your prefered D.A.W. software.

It's beautiful when it's multiplatform

Available on mobile, tablet and computer, the BackingTrackLive app is everywhere. Express your creativity, whenever you want, be it around a campfire or in your living room!

Music styles for all desires

Thanks to the store, a multitude of musical genres and sub-genres are available to you. Download them and let yourself be carried by the music. There will be something for everyone.

Demonstration video

Images are better than a thousand words

Here are some video shots during the Epitech Experience 2019 and Viva Technology 2019 in Paris